Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Babes in Toyland - House

Lots of work road trips have cut into blogging and ripping time. I've  accumulated about a dozen 7" to rip over the last 2 months, and they're just gathering dust while I'm in Ohio or Michigan for work. I'll see if I can get moving on these.

I'm marching slowly but steadily towards the goal of getting the whole Singles Club Part 1 together. Of course that first single might not happen, it's a bit rare, but I'll get the rest of them in place.

As for this band- they weren't really a part of Riot Grrrl, they actually pre-date it. I guess they're sort of a girl grunge band, and they sound the part on this single. The vocals take some getting used to; Kat Bjelland is all over the place. She screeches, howls and screams her way through both tracks.

A: House
B: Arriba

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nervous Eaters - No More Idols

On the road a lot the last few weeks. Falling behind; I've got plenty of 7" to rip still, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Breaking out of the steady stream of Sub Pop that I've been on lately. The Nervous Eaters were Boston legends in the 70's and 80's, with local hits "When I Talk To Loretta" (recently covered by Neko Case) and "Just Head"

So I was pretty excited to find a cheap 7" of theirs recently. This was some early 2000's effort of theirs put out on some Spanish label (my first foray into this century!). It rocks-a-plenty, but it doesn't live up to their 70's stuff. Their early stuff was riding at the forefront of the whole punk thing, and had a wild, unpredictable energy to it. Hard to keep that going for 30 years, I suppose.

A: No More Idols
B: Today and Tomorrow