Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Chief - Chrome Helmet

Sub Pop Singles Club March 1990

Big Chief formed out of the ashes of the Laughing Hyenas and the Necros. Sub Pop signed them before they recorded anything based on their pedigree. This was an early venture outside of Seattle by Sub Pop. If the car reference (or the Necros reference) doesn't give it away, they're from Michigan. They cut three albums, one for SubPop before packing it in.

Both songs rock. Chrome Helmet seems a bit dated, I think it's the vocals, but it's still good.

A: Chrome Helmet
B: Blowout Kit

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alice Cooper - School's Out

My other purchase last month in Columbus Ohio at Magnolia Thunderpussy.

This is a mid to late 80's re-issue of the "School's Out" single, with "I'm Eighteen" on the b-side replacing the original "Gutter Cat". I had a hard time finding a lot of information about this particular release. I figured due to the popularity of the Alice Cooper tribute 7", it seemed like a natural fit. And I might as well play School's Out before school starts up again. Both songs are classics, and rightfully so. Queue them up, crank the volume, and have a good time. 

A: School's Out
B: I'm Eighteen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pigface - Empathy

By request again...October 1993 Sub Pop Single.

I was sort of surprised by the first track. I thought it would be some sort of face-melting industrial assault. It's a little more laid back with sitar riffs. Very interesting, and I liked it far more than I thought I would.

Steamroller is more of what I had in mind; an all-out sonic assault.

A: Empathy
B: Steamroller

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Severin - Beagles! Beagles!

June 1993 Sub Pop Singles Club, and by request!

I mentioned earlier that I liked the one song I had by these guys, and wished I'd found more by them. I also implied that they disappeared, and was quickly corrected by a few readers who pointed out that they had this among other things in their catalog.

Anyway, this is a great single. Very much in the DC post-hardcore vein, particularly the A-side. The B-side extends out into some very Dinosaur Jr-esque Indie-rock sounds, complete with wah pedals.

A: Waste of Time
B: Power Play