Tuesday, May 10, 2011

STP - Smoke 'Em

By request.

I want to thank biopunk for the recommendation. This rocks. An all girl band started by a former member of Pussy Galore, and produced/managed by Don Fleming and Kim Gordon. Could be great, could be crap, right? It's really good. "Hey Bastard" is a kick ass 1 minute long song that doesn't fuck around. Certainly worth a listen. Sadly, other than a couple of compilation tracks, this is it for their recorded material. They fell apart immediately.

Also, the singer is a dead ringer for my ex-girlfriend, the one with all of the Riot Grrrl stuff that appeared in this blog. Very strange. The resemblance is eerie.

Anyway, starting to get back to normal now that I'm home, but I'm running out of good material. I've got to go record shopping soon. Keep the requests coming. It's been fun to find these obscure bands and throw them up here. Anyway, things will be slow for a while while I restock.

Also, I've been given something quite unusual to rip for a friend- it's way outside of the normal scope of this blog, but will be fun to rip anyway, and I don't think he'll mind if I throw it up here. If anyone has anything to donate to this blog, let me know. I'll send it back!

A: Hey Bastard, Walkin
B: 25 Miles/Safer


  1. I vaguely remember seeing them open up for maybe Nirvana and Sonic Youth. It's all a bit fuzzy. All I remember is a big cacophonous racket but you couldn't stop watching and listening.

  2. Bought this on import when it came out. Not a bad record acknowledging it was a one off affair.
    jb (JAPAN)

  3. oh man, i've been looking this shit for a long time

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  4. Been looking for it - since the day the damn thing came out!!! Thank YOU! Was not looking forward to paying 15-25 buck on the bay for it!

  5. Oh, the singer, Jacqui, used to be in DUSTdevils! You can get all of their stuff from their main man (and Jacqui's ex) Michael Duane at young moss tongue dot blogspot dot com! "Struggling, Electric & Chemical" is amazing.

  6. Glad you like it.Thanks for the link- I'll check that out!

  7. Thanks so much! I have this on record but the song Walkin skips.

  8. Hey. The Jacqui from STP is not the same Jackie from dust devils - although when Jackie and Michael split the Jacqui from STP shortly sat in....