Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rodney & The Tube Tops - I Hate The 90's

By Request! Sorry it took so long.

It has the makings of something truly great. Thurston Moore, Eric Erlandson (Hole's guitarist) and KROQ's punk/Indie-friendly L.A. DJ Rodney Bingenheimer all conspiring to put out some sort of cool album. (Rodney is the guy in between Moore and Erlandson, looking like a really nice and polite version of Iggy Pop)

Eh. Not quite what I was hoping for. Sometimes we wish too hard. While it does make fun of the 90's, which deserved it, (and yes, I got tattooed during that time...) it could have been better. Rodney's delivery kinda brings it down. I guess that's why he became a radio DJ instead of a singer, just as my jumbled fingers on my SG's fretboard have me (poorly) typing this now instead of playing in some club tonight.

A: I Hate The 90's
B: Tube Tops Forever/Cell Phone Madness


  1. "all the cute girls in the 90's are all junkies" " I hate the 90's" Classic! thanks for this download!

  2. How do I download?! I've been looking for this single everywhere but cant find it. Never heard the song. I just need to hear it!