Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Stooges - 1969

OK, so I'm free from the burden of the trunk, but that just means I have no excuse now for my taste. No blaming me from 20 years ago for liking something terrible. Anything I post after that Shellac/Mule single had better be good, right?

This was a 2009 record store day re-release from Rhino/Elektra. It's hard to believe this stuff is over 40 years old. You just don't associate "menacing" with 60's music. "1969" is solid, with its Bo-Diddley beat backing up Iggy's boredom, but I'd really love to track down a 7" of  their "1970". That song rocks. They had a theme going. Rhino re-released that recently too, by the look of things. Hmmm. Might have to track that down.

"Real Cool Time" was written and recorded in an evening after the label told the Stooges that their planned debut record was too short. It's a filler track soaked in wah pedal.

A: 1969
B: Real Cool Time


  1. Nice Blog! Do you have the Rodney & The Tube Tops 7"?

  2. Thanks. No I don't! I'll take a look around for it though.