Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swamp Oaf

The Bags' alter-ego band, a mythical rock-monster band along the lines of Spinal Tap, according to Trouser Press. It's meant to be a bit more more psychedelic and experimental than the normal Bags stuff, so it's a little all over the place. It's sort of a Stooges meets Sabbath mish-mash, both in good and not-so-good ways. Some tracks venture into the ridiculous "Mama Swine", noodly jazz/rock instrumental, "Brain Masseuse" and others into straightforward heavy-duty-rock-n-roll "Steamroller", "(Howl at) The Moon".
Extremely rare, I've been looking for this album for years, and bought myself a copy online for my birthday last month. Had to buy it from someone in Denmark, so I'm happy to welcome the album home to the Boston area.

Definitely worth a listen. Most of these tracks are great, and this lends some credence to my earlier statement that this band could have and should have been big, or at least much bigger than they were.

While I'm on this Bags kick, I may just have to rip "Rock Starve" even though I already have it in digital format.



  1. hey matt - i cant believe someone else owns this awesome slab of wax. i remember buying it at yesterday and today records in rockville, md so many moons ago. thanks for ripping it. john

  2. many thanks !!! an excellent album from one of my favs !! thanks again

  3. Wow!!! I had this on vinyl and made a C90 from it, with Rock Starve on the other side. Played it for years in my car. My vinyl probably got auctioned out of a storage locker years ago, or else my brother is paying rent to store it in his locker. I was beginning to think I'd never hear it again. Thanks a ton!

    Perhaps I can give back with a bit of history. This disc came out right after The Bags won the Rock and Roll Rumble, a thing WBCN used to sponsor, back when rock and roll radio was something other than an old Ramones song. I always wondered if The Bags were intentionally out to avoid fame, or if the timing was just bad, but nobody even put a sticker on the thing to show that The Bags had anything to do with it, not even at Newbury Comics, which was probably the only place you ever could have found a copy anyhow. You just had to know, and only the die-hard fans knew at the time.

    Apparently this was not the first time The Bags put out music under a fake name. I've heard rumors of some legendary Skipping Elf ep, but I never saw or heard a copy.