Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Not dead yet, just busy. Been on the road a lot for work the last few weeks, traveling all over the midwest. Haven't had much time for fun stuff, though I did find a great record store in Columbus OH  called Magnolia Thunderpussy. Grabbed some 70's  7" (Bowie and an Alice Cooper) there as well as a Black Flag t-shirt for a friend and for myself. Also got a few more old Sub Pop singles to rip, just haven't had the time. A couple more weeks of this and things will settle down and I'll start ripping stuff again.


  1. I think the guy over at thesubversivesounds blogspot is an ohio guy probabably columbus. i have been in magnolia thunderpussy in the late 80s, cannot believe they still exist.


  2. Flying to Cleveland for work on Sunday. Any good stores to hit while I'm there?