Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update - long hiatus to continue...

It's been a crazy year. Lots and lots of work travel over the winter and into the spring. Now I'm home, but I'm looking to move. At some point anyway. So renovations and that kind of stuff have been eating up my time. I've packed up the turntable and the vinyl, it sits in the garage, waiting to be played again. Maybe when I'm in a new place back up on the North Shore where I belong. So I've got vinyl to rip, but no way to rip it until I either move or give up and unpack my shit. We'll see which comes first. Until then, thanks for visiting.



  2. Wow, thanks for that link! Very cool. Unfortunately, I got laid off a couple of weeks after this post, so cash is a bit short. Still, I'll keep my eye on that 2x7". Would love to have a copy of that.

  3. Yeah, there's a few dead links. Nothing I can do about them; someone complained and the host has pulled the files down.