Friday, November 26, 2010

The Gories - Give Me Some Money

Ah, Black Friday. The day when retail America gets down on their knees, cups their hands, and extends them, beggar-like, toward the American public, hoping and praying that the people of this nation will press enough of their hard-earned money into those cupped hands to pay the bills.

In that spirit, I've dispensed with randomness, and chosen "Give Me Some Money" by The Gories. This is another Sub Pop Singles Club offering, from October of 1991. The song, of course, is a cover of the fictitious 1965 British Invasion classic, originally performed by Spinal Tap.

The Gories were a true DIY garage band out of Detroit, they learned to play together just a few years earlier. They went on to record a couple of fun albums around the time of this release. I've got "I Know You Be Houserockin'" which is a compilation of their first two LPs. They definitely stuck to lo-fi bluesy 60's-sounding garage rock. They disbanded in 1993. Mick Collins is still out there, playing in The Dirtbombs.

You can hear them trying to figure out parts of the song by trial and error with the tape rolling before they get started. It's pretty obvious that they just came up with the idea of doing this song and went for it in one take. There's even a note to Sub Pop printed on the back of the single, explaining that none of them own a copy of the soundtrack, so they don't even know who to ask for permission to release this.You also know they don't have a soundtrack, because they get the title wrong, it's really "Gimme Some Money", (And yes, I do own the soundtrack...) but that's just being nitpicky.

It's a fun listen, because it's a really fun song to begin with, probably my favorite one that Guest, Shearer and Co. wrote for the film. It gets that early Kinks/Stones sound just right. You have to give the Gories some credit to think of doing this. Not enough bands are covering songs that appeared in fake documentaries. They may well be the first. The B-side is a rollicking, heavily distorted, feedback laden Bo Diddley cover.

A: Give Me Some Money
B: You Don't Love Me
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