Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - In The Ghetto

The Bad Seeds' first release, this 7" features Nick Cave covering late period Vegas-style Elvis. It doesn't quite work. Not for me, anyway. Cave writes too well to be singing this simplistic late 60's social-consciousness crap. The B-side, "The Moon Is In The Gutter" is more compelling. It's moody and dark, and it builds to a nice crescendo. Just what you'd expect from Nick Cave.

Why do I have this? I have no idea. I might have borrowed it from an old Northampton roommate, right before he asked me to move out, (Seems like something that he would have had) and I ended up with it, either out of spite or forgetfulness, but I'm not really sure. I've managed to keep most of my vinyl in great shape, and this record has taken a beating, so I'm pretty sure someone else owned it before me. I'd like to think the best of my 20 years ago self, so I'll say I ended up with this by some sort of accident.

A: In The Ghetto
B: The Moon Is In the Gutter


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