Monday, November 29, 2010

Soul Side - Bass/103

Comcast went down for a while last night right in the middle of working on this post, so a later than usual update today.

More DC post-hardcore. I swear I don't have that much of this stuff. I've got to mix the collection up a bit or something before picking. This was an early addition to the collection. I was really into Fugazi in 1990 or so, having seen them that March at The Channel. That was a great show, and I figured I'd see who else was on Dischord. You could mail order stuff direct from them really cheap. A 7" was $3 including postage, CDs and LPs were $7-8. So I sent out for this, figuring $3 isn't much, and maybe I'll find some new cool band.

For some reason, I remember being disappointed with this, and I don't think I listened to it too many times after I got it. Which is too bad, really. It's certainly better than I remember it being. Most of this band went on to form Girls Against Boys, and the other member started Seven League Boots, who played a Bad Brains style of reggae influenced punk. I'm almost certain that I saw them somewhere, though the details escape me.

A: Bass
B: 103, Other Side

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