Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nirvana/The Fluid - Split Single

January 1991 Singles Club. I joined a few days too late to get this one way back when. I picked this up online. Needless to say, it cost a bit more now.

It's a decent live version of "Molly's Lips". They'd become well known for this song after a Peel Session recording of it showed up on Incesticide. I admit that I did investigate The Vaselines after realizing how much Cobain was into them, and I have their anthology CD around here somewhere.

The Fluid's guitarist Rick Kulwicki died recently. I'm not sure how these guys didn't make it bigger when the whole Seattle scene was under a microscope. Roadmouth is a solid rock album.

A: Nirvana - "Molly's Lips"
B: The Fluid - "Candy"



  1. Thank you so much for posting these sub pop singles. Would you happen to have the following?
    Das Damen – Sad Mile/Making Time
    SF Seals – Nowherica/Being Created
    Severin – (Beagles! Beagles) Waste Of Time/Powerplay
    Snow Bud And The Flower People - Killer Bud/Third Shelf
    Pigface – Empathy/Steamroller
    Lou Barlow – I Am Not Mocking You

    I've tried posting this comment using my blogger id but can't for some reason.

  2. I recently picked up the Severin and Pigface singles. I'm trying to wrap up the end of volume 1, too. Give me a few weeks to rip those though- about to leave on another work excursion.

  3. Thanks - I'll look forward to hearing them.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! Best music blog ever!!