Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Specials - More Specials

Another one from the trunk! I thought I had this in digital format, and on closer inspection, I was wrong. So I ripped it and thought I'd put this up. This isn't as good as that first album, which is truly great, but the follow-up has its moments.

They definitely tried to stretch themselves a bit musically on this record, drawing on American Soul, Morricone soundtracks, 40's pop songs, and so on. It does make the album seem a bit scattershot compared the focused all-ska sound of the debut. "Enjoy Yourself" is a 40's song, and is a fun album opener (and closer, the reprise is sung with the Go-Gos, believe it or not...)  and "Man at C & A" is an outstanding psychedelic ska cold war song.

Anyway, a fun album, and certainly worth a listen. Throw it on at a party some time, it would fit right in.



  1. Can't believe no one has posted a comment on this classic album. This was an era (early 1980s England) I grew up in. This album hit the right notes. Pity most people just wanted most of the same from the first album and it did not sell as well. Hence - the decline. Sad but would like to see the reformed Specials one day in the far east.
    jb (JAPAN)

  2. The More Specials album was still Jerry Dammers song writing at his best even though the first album The Specials was and still is a icon album.