Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Pogues - Poguetry In Motion

I saw these guys just last week. Shane looks terrible, but he keeps plugging along. He actually looked and sounded better than he did on last years' annual mid-March trip through Boston. And he didn't wander around the stage with a whisky bottle even once this time.

It's a strange show to see in Boston. As my wife said, "There's not a lot of diversity in the room here. And your shiny bald head doesn't stand out like it normally does." It really is a room full of pasty white guys from their 20's to their 40's who identify themselves as Irish in some way.

I'm amazed at how The Pogues have been passed along to a younger generation. They're not exactly getting any airplay, and they don't have any real recent material to speak of except an anthology of stuff they did in the 80's and 90's, so someone is handing their copies of Rum, Sodomy & The Lash off to their younger brothers, cousins, and maybe even sons. There was a guy in his early 20's in a Celtics jacket shouting along to every word of every song. How did that happen?

They played the first three tracks off of this EP, which I thought was interesting, because I think it's a fairly obscure album by them.

A: London Girl, A Rainy Night In Soho
B: The Body Of An American, Planxty Noel Hill

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  1. Hey I was at the same show. It was fun. Thanks for posting all these rips. Our tastes in music have a great deal of overlap!