Friday, March 4, 2011

Spitboy - The Threat

I guess a lot of people check this from work or something. Traffic ground to a halt when an album titled "Porn" got put up. Very funny.

There's something a little twisted about following up an album titled "Porn Vol. 4" with this band. I think this is the last album of the ex's stuff, and probably the most hardcore feminist one of the bunch. Also the most hardcore in terms of the music.

Strangely, while very Riot Grrrly, this another band that is specifically not associated with that particular movement. These women were all a bunch of anarchists from San Francisco.

The ex bought this at a Newbury Comics. Cambridge, I think.

A: The Threat, Sexism Impressed
B: Ultimate Violations
Enjoy, you male pig!

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  1. Spitboy - haven't heard them in awhile. When I worked in an indie record store I used to blast them while selling shitty Hootie and the Blowfish CDs. Thanks for Spitboy!