Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shellac - The Finger Is The Most Popular Bird

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet little boy. Not sure if an album titled "The Finger Is the Most Popular Bird" is appropriate, but these things happen and we move on.

My favorite 7" when it comes to packaging/design. Shellac really has this down. Their album art is always impeccable. This one is particularly brilliant. The front cover shows the band's rehearsal space. Behind the photo is a numbered illustration, and inside is the guide to the whole space. I've posted images below.

The back cover is even better. It's a design work-up with all sorts of off-the-wall instructions on what they want the cover to be. "Dan: have somebody cast a Shellac logo in brass, this size...mount on blue-grey granite..." Very "meta" approach here. Even the label on the disc is white, with handwritten instructions. My favorite: "Dan- Do NOT put your shitty logo on the label!"

"The Admiral" appeared on At Action Park. Apparently, it's a reference to a Chicago strip club. Anyway, this is an instrumental version. It's good and all, but I like the version with vocals better. XVI is another instrumental which apparently evolved into "Pull The Cup", also on At Action Park.

A: The Admiral

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  1. I regret selling this 7 inch but during lean times a few years ago, it had to be done. Wish I had it back now. You're right about the impeccable design too - always was one of my fav 7 inchers just for that reason.