Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unrest - A Factory Record

March 1991 Sub Pop Single

Unrest plays a bunch of covers of UK post-punk acts from the Factory label (hence the name)  like Crispy Ambulance and Crawling Chaos. It's a little strange and disjointed, which makes sense when you're covering 4 different bands. Despite that, I like this little record. No memories of playing it, though I'm sure I did at least once. It's on marbled lilac vinyl, which is quite pretty.

A: Deaf (Crispy Ambulance), UFO (ESG)
B: Sex Machine (Crawling Chaos), When It All Comes Down (Miaow)


  1. This is great. I was never sure where "When It All Comes" came from.

  2. Wow, this has brought some memories flooding back, Not just the SPSC stuff too. Quite a daunting task you took on, an U/L a day witht a write up and all that goes into that. As for this link, it seems to be gone, the only non=working link I've come across and I have been here pretty much non-stop since I stumbled upon your mighty blog. Anyway you could rep it or email me a link? If so, fantastic, if not, i certainly understand. But, regardless, keep on dropping this great old stuff, it's like a fine wine, mostly, well, all of it is, some just seems like it had a break in the seal and spoiled a bit....
    KUDOS! D7I

    1. Hey just saw this- haven't been keeping up lately. This got taken down- not by my choice apparently. Got an email address?