Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Damn Crazy Weight - Might As Well

October 1992 Sub Pop Singles Club

Another Singles club pick that I don't remember playing.

It's very early-90's to me. If you had to create a fictitious early 90's band in a movie, they'd sound like this. There's a chimey guitar harmonics intro to "Might As Well", some heavy sounding starts and stops, indifferent sounding Cobain styled vocals, it's all in there. "Off That Cow" continues the theme with a very Nirvana-esque riff.

A: Might As Well
B: Off That Cow


  1. this is great obscure stuff!! Thanks!

  2. Matt - I'd no idea you'd posted this as one of my blog readers had posted the download link in the Chatbox so I reposted it. My apologies as I wasn't trying to steal your link. I've plugged your blog on the BDCW post I made and redirected DLers here.

  3. I didn't think anything of it, as the other link was a megaupload link, though now that you mention it, his files are exactly the same size as mine... no big deal.

  4. For those of you digging this, here is a youtube playlist that starts with the A-Side from this record:

    And here is my brand new current band:

    Keep the faith,
    Scott Allen Parsons (BDCW Guitarist)