Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lydia Lunch - Honeymoon In Red

Another pleasant LP Sunday.

Yesterday was my eleventh wedding anniversary. So, eleven years ago, I was enjoying my honeymoon on this day. It started off great as I was partying in Brazil with a whole lot of friends from home. The whole thing took a sour turn after our friends left, as Inga had a relative hanging around the family house in Brazil for an extra week who always took the last cup of coffee and wanted to tell me depressing stories of arson and insurance fraud first thing in the morning while I stood there coffee-less and in my underwear. I alternated between despair and seething rage for quite a few days over this development.

As for this album, it was a collaboration between Lydia Lunch and Nick Cave's Birthday Party, but there was some sort of falling out between everyone. Nick Cave and others appear uncredited, OK, Cave is credited as "A drunk cowboy junkie" and stuff like that, but never by name. Sounds like things got nasty. The tapes sat around for 5 years until Thurston Moore somehow got involved, added a few guitar tracks, mixed and released it.

It's a strange album. Hard to make out a lot of the vocals, but it seems to also vacillate between depsair and rage. "Done Dun" And "Dead In The Head" are the tracks with Cave, and he's a welcome relief from Roland Howard, who sounds awfully whiny. Other than Howard's vocals, it's pretty cool. Very early-80's experimental/no wave, with lots of scratchy and squawky guitar sounds flying at you from all over.

A: Come Fall, So Your Heart, Dead River, Three Kings
B: Done Dun, Still Burning, Fields Of Fire, Dead In The Head

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