Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Magnet School - Singed

This has nothing to do with today's record, but some of you may wonder, "What does this guy do for a living?"  Well, I manage the scheduling and production of virtual tours. It's not that exciting, really, unless you're in the trenches, where you can come across some odd people and see some pretty strange shit. Cade Overton used to work in my production crew, but after moving to Texas, we decided to use his outstanding skills behind the camera and turn him into our roving photographer to fill in areas where we need extra coverage. He writes a great behind-the-scenes expose of the life of the roving photographer in his blog this week after we sent him on an extended assignment in San Francisco. It's over there on the right, the "Final Broadcast" blog. Take a moment to read it. It's funny as hell.

On to the business at hand:

Dec 1991 Sub-Pop Singles Club.

Another MA band that Sub Pop signed. These guys from nearby Framingham weren't making stripped-down alt-country like the Scuds though. They were going for some sort of Am Rep noise-rock kind of sound, but were stretching it out way beyond the usual 2-3 minutes or so.

I liked this one enough back in the day, I know I played it a few times. Never did track down their LP though, which was apparently pretty good.

A: Singed
B: Slipper

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