Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot 12" Single

OK, there's really no reason to rip this, as all of these tracks are on Daydream Nation. I guess I could make the excuse that this is some radio edit version (it is; missing Kim Gordon's "Spirit Desire" opening, and another 2 minutes from somewhere) and justify it that way. Truth is, I'm trying to stick to doing something other than a 7" for Sundays, but I ran out of time this week to do a full length LP.

I think I've exhausted my Sonic Youth tales. At least the interesting ones. The thing to note about this album is that I see this as the beginning of them becoming a much more mainstream act. "Teenage Riot", especially this stripped down 4 minute version, is practically a pop song, and it's a million miles away from "Kill Yr Idols". Whether you think that was a smart move by them, or was selling out is up to you. I find Daydream Nation to be their best album. No clue where I bought this.

A: Teenage Riot (edit)
B: Silver Rocket, Kissability

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