Friday, February 18, 2011

Eye For An Eye - Omega Drone

Early 90's Boston area hardcore act. It's not straight up speed, it sort of sways back and forth between racing and lumbering, and there's some metal-esque guitar riffs thrown in, too. Solid enough for what it is, and kind of an interesting hybrid between two styles of music that were rarely seen as compatible. I mostly see it as a cool relic from the Boston scene at the time. Other local bands like Bullet LaVolta seemed to be playing around with this plodding hardcore/metal mix at this time, too.

Grabbed at a merch table from a show somewhere, and I vaguely remember seeing them on stage, (the guitarist looked like he was in middle school) but I can't remember much else about this show for some reason.

A: Signs of the Pride, Eye for an Eye, Eye-tro
B: All Stars, Omega Drone

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