Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skewbald/Grand Union

Yet another side-project for Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson at a time when they thought Minor Threat was all done. It sounds like an even more pissed-off Minor Threat, if that's even possible to conceive of. This Minor Threat break-up was short lived, so this little project disbanded quickly, leaving behind some unreleased tapes. Recorded in 1981, it stayed on some shelf until it was released in 1990.

As for the name, there was a disagreement over whether the new band should be called Grand Union (grocery chain), or Skewbald (coloring pattern on a horse). Since they disbanded without ever releasing anything while together, it really didn't matter anyway. The songs aren't even titled, but people have given them the names below simply because you've got to call them something.

Once of the cooler pieces of vinyl in the collection. It's completely transparent. No label even, as that stuff is just etched right into the clear vinyl. And there's only one side. I'm borrowing someone else's photo below.Yet another Dischord mail order purchase.

A: Sorry/Change For The Same, You're Not Fooling Me