Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bikini Kill 12" EP

Not quite an LP Sunday, but it is a 12" piece of vinyl.

Lots of the Ex's stuff this week, which got me to thinking. I was sort of wondering where these songs went, I couldn't remember if there was a 7" with some of this stuff on it or not, but I knew I had it on vinyl at some point. Somehow I manged to hang on to this. It didn't leave and get shipped back to me later like all of the other Riot Grrrl stuff, I had it in the trunk of vinyl stuff the whole time without even realizing it. I found it while looking for another LP that I want to rip. (That will be up next week)

Definitely more raw than their later singles, but it's loaded with the same energy and anger. I'm pretty sure this a very early Riot Grrrl 12", so it sort of set the standard. I certainly got a kick out of hearing "Carnival" ("I'll win that Motley Crue mirror if it fucking kills me!") for the first time in nearly 20 years.

With "Feels Blind" they came up with a heavy, emotional song that's not just a lot of angry noise, definitely one of their best. "Thurston Hearts The Who" on the other hand is totally experimental sounding with people reading negative reviews of Bikini Kill over music. Recorded by Ian MacKaye.

A: Double Dare, Liar, Carnival
B: Suck My Left One, Feels Blind, Thurston Hearts The Who


  1. Just stumbled upon a mint copy of this in used bin in Austin. Pretty psyched to snag this one.

  2. Cade- Excellent. Definitely worth having. I'm amazed that I somehow wound up with this copy, and was really psyched to find it buried in there.