Friday, December 10, 2010

Antiseen - We Got This Far (Without You)

Whoa. Now this is a change of pace. This is the November 1992 Sub Pop Singles Club selection. I guess "Destructo Rock", as Antiseen likes to call their sound, is just not my thing. The heavily distorted guitar just drowns out everything, and just sounds monotonous after a minute or so. The singer is pretty weak, too. Motorhead did this kind of thing a lot better.

Antiseen is better known, to me anyway, as GG Allin's backing band on his final album "Murder Junkies". If you know anything about GG, that's all you need to know about these guys. Speaking of Allin, he seems to have made a comeback recently. I've seen 3 different high school age kids sporting shiny new GG Allin T-shirts in the last 6 weeks or so. What's that all about? I suppose he might serve as some Anti-Jim Morrison icon or something, but man, if he's the new role model for our youth, we are all seriously fucked.

A: We Got This Far (Without You)
B: (We Will Not) Remember You

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