Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melvins - With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands

The Sub Pop Single that never was. Apparently, they had a deal with Sub Pop, but after they recorded this, Sub Pop wouldn't pay them the agreed upon amount. They took the recordings to Sympathy For The Record Industry instead.

The title track is a cover, originally performed by obscure Seattle band Malfunkshun.I'm not sure what the original sounds like, but it sounds all Melvins here to me. The Melvins were already pretty well established as the Pacific Northwest's answer to Black Sabbath by the early 90's, and you can hear it on this single. "Four Letter Woman" continues the slow but driving Sabbath-esque sound. The last track, "Anal Satan" is out there. I've found that any time there's more than one track on the B-side, the last one will pretty strange. The Melvins take on dance music? This was recorded later, and they managed to throw the names of some Sub Pop folks into here, calling them pricks.

No clue where I got this. Apparently this is some rare version with no songs listed on the label, just the SFTRI stylized S. 

A: With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands
B: Four Letter Woman, Anal Satan

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  1. Actually Anal Satan was done as an addendum to the other sessions, during the same couple of days. I know because I recorded and mixed it an "co-wrote" it w/ them. The ANAL sample is from a porn movie I scored, called Anal Woman. The SATAN I pinched from the Warlock Pinchers I had just done... and the "John, you are being such a prick prick prick" is a message my ex-wife left on the studio answering machine... silly woman! I pitched them all down, obviously. The Buzz recorded the "Bruce..." line to get a dig in at subpop. The drums are some samples I put up on the Emu sampler and Dale played them via midi keyboard. Yep. That's the story!