Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Halo Of Flies - Big Mod Hate Trip

The guy with the gun there? That's the guy behind AmRep, and this is his band. I bought this based on that alone, experimenting with something non-Sub Pop or Dischord. I'm pretty sure I picked this up at a Newbury Comics, based on the remnants of a huge price sticker on the plastic sleeve.

It's got the noise-rock staples; incredible amounts of treble in the vocals and guitars. But they do add some interesting elements to these songs that you don't always find in noise rock. The creative and just plain weird use of a wah pedal in the intro to "Wasted Time" along with the poppy background vocals softens it a bit, keeping it from becoming total noise. Tired & Cold features some Who-like rhythm section work. There's the "mod" for you, I guess. Solid single, on both sides. I liked this one when I bought it, and it holds up pretty well.

Halo of Flies were pretty much a singles band. I've got one or two more here somewhere, but that's it. They stopped recording shortly after this release, making it hard to find their stuff in stores. Their singles were compiled on one LP, "Music For Insect Minds". Might have to hunt that down. Should have bought more of their stuff when I had the chance. They made a comeback as "H-O-F" a few years ago (apparently the Melvins were involved in this somehow) and just released an album this year.

A: Tired & Cold
B: Wasted Time

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