Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frances Gumm - Subtraction

The old housemate's band. Saw them as part of that weird triple bill with Mecca Normal and Lungfish. Steve was in a grad school program at UMass for poetry/creative writing. He was also a really good drummer. Anyway, Steve and Bernie kicked me out after 7 or 8 months or so, leaving me a month to find a new place. I found one, but it sucked, and I wound up with some less than desirable new housemates out of desperation. I got a lot out of living with Steve, he turned me on to a whole lot of new music, including Slint, which was cool. Despite the shittiness of his throwing me out of the house, I still bought a couple of 7" that he appeared on at Main St. Records. This is one of them.

The music? Fairly standard, slightly arty indie rock from the early 90's. 
A: Out On The Prairie, Subtraction
B: I Know What I Know

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