Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mecca Normal - Orange

I saw Mecca Normal at the Hampshire Red Barn some time around 1992. I may have even picked this up there. I would buy something from the merch table if I had the cash, trying to support the whole DIY thing. Part of the strangest triple-bill I've seen. My housemate's band, (Frances Gumm), Lungfish, and these guys.

They're...odd. Just one guitar and some strange sounding vocals. "Horse Heaven Hills" is a bit more rockin'. "How Many Now" is a bit slower and more melancholy. Damned if I know what she's singing most of the time. There's a lot of echo on her voice. And Jean Smith, the singer, was kinda spooky in person. I completely ruined my left ear at that show, but it wasn't Mecca Normal to blame.

A: How Many Now?
B: Horse Heaven Hills

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  1. such a good album, thanks for this stuff