Friday, December 3, 2010

Belly - Now They'll Sleep

Another band I saw live. They played the Iron Horse in Northampton, and I happened to be living across the street. That's about as easy as it gets. It was a good enough show, though the setting was...odd. Playing in what is normally a jazz club while people sit and eat must be strange. It's strange enough being at one of the tables trying to see a show while people munch on nachos.

Somehow, my high school's resident metalhead turned me on to Throwing Muses way back in high school. "Yeah, they're like, local, and they're pretty good. No one's playing anything like this.You'll like it. Here." With that, he handed me a tape of the first Throwing Muses album. He was right of course, they were unique, and I did like the tape. I picked that album up on vinyl later on. No clue how he got into them, I'm still baffled by that one. I'm pretty sure Guns N' Roses was blaring when he gave me the cassette. Anyway, I managed to see them a couple of times in Amherst/Northampton.

I'm not sure if Belly was a side-project or post Throwing Muses at this point. They were kind of winding down, and Tanya Donelly was having some success with The Breeders around then, too. Either way, living across the street, liking her previous stuff, it was kind of a no-brainer to go. Being a friend of a friend of J Mascis was somehow good enough to get me and my girlfriend "backstage" (standards are low in W. MA, I guess), which was really just a hallway and a tiny room. I admit to being a bit starstruck meeting her and at a loss for any words worth saying or remembering. She's very doll-like in person. Tiny.

This is a single from their last album. They were done right after this, might even be why I picked it up. It's less jangly than their early stuff.

A: Now They'll Sleep
B: Thief

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