Monday, December 13, 2010

Hair Volume

Another Northampton band with housemate connections. One of the guys from this band, Joel, would come over and hang out with housemate Bernie quite a bit. Joel was a nice guy, but man, was he strange. The guy just exuded weirdness in just about every possible way. So when I heard that his band had cut a 7" EP, I ran out and got it, because I just had to know what this was going to sound like. It could be great, could be crap, or somewhere in between, but I knew that underneath it all, it would be weird.

And it did not disappoint. That's Joel doing the ranting on "Clock Song" and the spoken word/shouting bit on "Grandma", a song that features a repeating chorus of
Hey Grandma,
We're underground
In the sewer...
And as soon as this song is done, they go into a very jazzy sounding jam-band-like instrumental. It's kind of a scattershot mess, but they aren't exactly bad. Just weird.

A: Clock Song, He Likes Me
B: Grandma, Hadley #

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