Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tsunami/Velocity Girl - Split

This is the January 1992 Singles Club release. Sub Pop was going for a theme here, these were two bands with women vocalists from the Arlington, VA area.

Tsunami created the DIY Simple Machines label (some good stuff there) in the early 90's, and their drummer was a UMass guy. My girlfriend was very much into them, and I somehow wound up with her copy of Deep End. They were a solid indie-rock band, and you could draw a few parallels between them and Throwing Muses.

Velocity Girl was very shoe-gazey, you'll hear that right away. The women added a lot of dreamy sounding vocals in the background. Warm/Crawl is really two songs smushed together into a medley of sorts.

Solid single, very different from what Sub Pop was doing. Between this and the AmRep one, you get the sense that the Singles Club was attempting to catalog some different local scenes or labels, which is pretty cool. The vinyl on this is a rosey translucent pink. It's also a bitch to get it to sound good. Lots of big pops despite a through wipe down.

A: Tsunami: Left Behind
B: Velocity Girl: Warm/Crawl

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