Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sentridoh - Losercore

25 down. Many  more to go. My ears are starting to mold to my headphones, and my fingertips are raw from handling all of this vinyl...still, I soldier on.

Solo Lou Barlow with nothing but a 4-track goes way back to his earlier Dinosaur Jr. days, with the song  "Poledo". After J kicked him out, and before Sebadoh took off, he'd sell these homemade cassettes labeled "Sentridoh" at Main St. Records in Northampton. There'd be some 20 tracks full of Lou's insecure rambling wordplay accompanied by scratchy acoustic guitars and distorted sounds. These were great little songs if you could get past the presentation.

Apparently he decided to release a couple of these on a 7". Losercore pretty much sums up a lot of what he was doing at the time, and really, it's a clever name for his brand of lo-fi music. The B-side is stranger, with some odd sounds and rumbling distortion over everything. There's no extra track listed anywhere on the record or sleeve, but after "Really Insane" ends, there's this lo-fi instrumental that's either beautiful yet haunting, or haunting yet beautiful. I'm not sure which one it is. Not knowing what to call it, I just left these two songs on the same track instead of splitting them. I apparently picked this up at a Newbury Comics, as the sticker is still on it.

A: Losercore
B: Really Insane

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