Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cows - Slap Back

As mentioned earlier, one of the more polarizing bands, that people are into or they just aren't. Not a lot of gray area. Someone mentioned to me that the vocals might have been part of that. That's quite possible. Everything comes out sounding kind of forced out, and he's a bit high pitched. They were also experimental to the point of being near unlistenable, at least early on.

This single isn't quite that far out there. The A-side is straight up and straighforward noise rock, a mess of distorted bass, trebly guitars and a heavy echo effect (a slapback) on the barely comprehensible vocals. Classic AmRep noise rock.

One O'Clock High is a wordy number with a fast-paced 1-2-fuck-you beat about a guy picking up his hot stripper girlfriend at work. A little weak on the vocals. The rest is fun and noisy.

A: Slap Back
B: One O'Clock High

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