Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beat Happening - Red Head Walking

The pile of done stuff is starting to approach the size of the pile of stuff yet to be done. Almost, but not quite halfway. It's been fun so far, not sure what to do when there is no more pile of "to-dos" left, except to find some vinyl to buy I suppose.

Another influential Pacific NW band. Beat Happening were a minimalist, Lo-Fi trio with a male and a female "singer" neither of whom really seemed to sing.

They founded the successful DIY label K Records so that they could record and distribute their stuff, and through K helped launch all sort of other acts out of Olympia, such as Courtney Love (the band...) and a lot of the Riot Grrrl bands.

Despite their running K Records, they maintained a relationship with Sub Pop, and this is one of a few things that Sub Pop put out for them. As Sub Pop was taking off at the time, this was probably a smart business move by the band.

Calvin handles the vocals on both tracks. His voice is so deep and low, it sounds like he smoked and drank quite a bit the night before.

Not sure where or when I got this. Probably picked it up because I'd heard of them, but hadn't heard anything by them, and it was on Sub Pop. Interesting enough, but not really my thing at the time. Not bad though.

A: Red Head Walking
B: Secret Picnic Spot

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