Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pork - Wanna Ride

Another one from the box o' Riot Grrrl stuff, and another one I dreaded. My intention was to get two done today, one for today and one for tomorrow, so that I can get myself back on track. I did that, though it was a challenge. A fair bit of working from home took place, followed by some running around in the snow with the boys, and then shoveling. Lots of shoveling. Oh well, it happens.

Since this one came up, it's definitely going up today, since there's only a few hours left in the day anyway. So what is it? It's a live 4-song EP, from an Austin all-girl band, and it's just not very good. It sounds terrible, like it was recoded in a fishbowl, for one thing. It's muddy as hell, and there's no bass at all. In fact, it's pretty much snare drum, guitar and voice. That's all that you can hear, anyway. And the music...meh. Repetitive, and suffering from the wandering rhythm section problem I mentioned a while ago.

What I do like about this single? Not much, but "Strychnine" is always a good cover song. I do like their rip off of the Sub Pop logo that they put on the back cover, only they spell it "Sub Par",  which sums it all up nicely.

A: Wanna Ride, Strychnine
B: Backstabbin', Go

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