Monday, January 17, 2011

Shonen Knife - Neon Zebra

Back to back Sub Pop Singles Club picks. This was April 1991's release. As I mentioned earlier, this came early in my Singles Club membership along with the UO stuff. This really had me wondering if my money was well-spent. Shonen Knife is a Japanese all-female pop-punk act. It's as weird as it sounds. High pitched, cute-sy sounding barely intelligible English vocals over fairly straight-up simple garage rock

Neon Zebra has this sort of Bo-Diddley beat to it, and it's about, well, a neon zebra visited by aliens. Bear Up Bison is about how Bisons are becoming extinct, but "he has a right to live, though he's ill-shaped." It's...different.

A: Neon Zebra
B: Bear Up Bison

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