Friday, January 28, 2011

Folk Implosion - Palm Of My Hand

#75. Starting to see some real disparity in the stacks of "dead" and "to do". This thing is on the downslope. Damn. I'll refrain from making comparisons with life as I prepare myself mentally and physically to hit year 40.

Lou Barlow and his many bands have been appearing here about as often as the snow these days. Folk Implosion is probably his best known Sebadoh side project in that they made it big with the "Kids" film soundtrack.

All of his side projects are interesting; there's no mistaking who is at the center of them, but they're all just different enough. Folk Implosion is more lo-fi than late-era Sebadoh, not nearly as raw or unpredictable as the Sentridoh stuff, but it lacks the dark humor of Beltbuckle. Folk Implosion fills some strange gap between all of these bands in some way, comprising some middle ground.

One of the last purchases in this collection, as this came out in1995. Sticker says Newbury Comics, I'm guessing the Amherst one, which would have been fairly new at the time.

A: Palm Of My Hand
B: Mood Swing

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