Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rites Of Spring - All Through A Life

Half of this band became Fugazi (Guy Piciotto, Brendan Canty), which is why I picked this up. They were considered to be pretty influential by the early 90's too, so I figured I'd see what that was all about. Basically, they're credited as the first "emo" band, even though they themselves despise the label. This was released after they had called it quits.

I have to say, what strikes me is how jangly the guitars sound. You'd expect them to have that Gibson SG/Marshall stack sound like every other DC post-hardcore act. Interesting and truly unique stuff for the time that I appreciate a bit more now than I did then.

I ordered this straight from Dischord.

A: All Through A Life, Hidden Wheel
B: In Silence/Worlds Away, Patience

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