Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout

I picked this up at a Newbury Comics. You could find some of the Singles Club stuff there, and this was the Singles Club record for December 1990. This single was what convinced me to finally sign up. These guys already had a great reputation as a live act, but I hadn't heard anything from them yet. I thought this lived up to the hype. Rockabilly inspired, but fast and furious.

The Reverend is still out there playing, 21 years later. This is one of the few acts in this collection that is still going strong. Just caught him at House of Blues in Boston this summer, and he'll be back again this May.

This track also wound up in Guitar Hero II, giving the Rev. some more exposure and some new fans.

A: Psychobilly Freakout
B: Baby You Know Who


  1. One of my favorite singles of the period. Maybe the best moment the Reverend would have. Later stuff would be good, but this is it.

  2. I really like his Sub Pop catalog as a whole. I do agree though that this is about as good as it gets from the Rev. He pretty much defines his whole act/style in one very entertaining song.