Monday, January 10, 2011

Sebadoh - Not Too Amused

Jason gets an A-side with this track that appeared on Bakesale. This is the album where he really started contributing songs that were just as good as Lou's, and it's a solid choice for a single.

The B-side is really, really strange. It's got some of the early Sebadoh Lo-Fi quality to it, but they add bongos, cackling laughter, discordant guitar and Hank Williams playing on a radio. They also throw a slower version of "Not Too Amused" in there. Some of the weirder stuff they did without Eric Gaffney in the band.

Looks like we've got a storm on tap, might get myself caught up on Wednesday.

A: Not Too Amused
B: Hank Williams


  1. hey,this one was removed.any chance of a re-up?

  2. excellent.
    i have now officially downloaded your entire blog.

  3. Nice! I have people living my life vicariously through my blogs' mp3s! Outstanding! Well Mark, there's more stuff on the way, so keep checking in.
    With my 40th looming in the very near future, I blew some cash on some nice vinyl from 1989-1991 in some attempt to be 20 again. Mail-order, so let's hope it gets here soon.

  4. Ive been searching this for months, thanks man, great fukin blog