Friday, January 7, 2011

Crackerbash - Nov. 1

This was the Sub Pop Singles Club recording for August, 1992. It's another Portland, OR band, still legendary out there for their live shows.

Had I started this little project when I intended to, I would have put this up on Nov. 1. Oh well. They've got a very Buffalo-Tom-esque sound.

Crackerbash was done about a year or so after this was released. Sean Croghan is still making solo records. The rest of the band went off to form surf-guitar/garage-rock band Satan's Pilgrims.

A: Nov. 1
B: Halloween Candy

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  1. Man! your blog is great! some of these 7"s I still have, but I sold too many. This was one of my favorites. That gorilla single too. Thanks for the memories!
    -daniel, from columbus