Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tad - Loser

Tad is back! And yes, long before Beck, there was someone singing about being a loser, but this song isn't quite so anthemic-sing-a-long-ish. Neither is the B-side, which mostly consists of Tad shouting "We're cookin' with gas!" It's all delivered in the usual heavy, stomping Tad-style.

Inscribed in the vinyl around the label is "The show ain't over..." and on the B-side "...until the Fat Man sings"

Mystery Train was kind enough to leave their price tag right on the sleeve. One of the few with that, actually, most are on a plastic outer sleeve, but at least I know I paid $3.50 for this in Amherst.

A: Loser
B: Cooking With Gas

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