Monday, January 31, 2011

Mudhoney / Gas Huffer Split

One of my favorites, simply because the cover art is too damn funny. The sleeve folds out to a larger image of the two bands fighting.

Both bands cover fairly obscure punk acts. Gas Huffer takes on the Silly Killers' "Knife Manual". I can honestly say that despite all of the obscure stuff I've dug up, I've never heard the original, and after doing some internet sleuthing, that seems to be a common theme. There's no sign of them except for references to Gas Huffer's cover, and no one seems to have heard anything by them. (Note- found it. Duff McKagan of Guns n' Roses was in this band, briefly, and they only put out one 7")  Fun song though, and there's some cool guitar licks from future Monkeywrench guy Tom Price.

Mudhoney takes on The Angry Samoans' misogynistic angry break-up song,  "You Stupid Asshole".  I really liked the Angry Samoans in high school. Totally politically incorrect and quite goofy at times, ("Lights Out" is still a great little song) which kind of sounds like Mudhoney themselves, actually. Mudhoney were better at playing this kind of thing than the Samoans though. It's much better than the original.

Harvard Sq. Newbury Comics, I think. Note that this is just a regular old 7", and not one of the ultra- cool saw blade ones pictured below. I might just have to go and get one of those.

A: Mudhoney - "You Stupid Asshole"
B: Gas Huffer - "Knife Manual"


  1. This is the one i prize the most.

  2. Finally, a clue. "Knife Manual" was from the Silly Killers. Someone out there on the internet typed it as "kittens", leading me astray. Here's more info: