Friday, January 14, 2011

Hole - Dicknail

This was supposed to be in the box of stuff I got from my ex-GF. I clearly remember buying this in Amherst and listening to it in her dorm room. This was the first thing I looked for, quickly flipping through them all, looking for the fluorescent green stripe. Sadly, it was not in the box. The other early Hole single was missing as well. I guess she had kept the Hole stuff, which I understand. I tracked them down to restore the collection. Luckily, these little early 90's artifacts are pretty cheap these days. Had Courtney Love faded into obscurity, they might be worth more, I think.

Before she became famous for being Mrs. Cobain and a junkie with lousy fashion sense, she fronted a pretty good band. Loud, abrasive and angry as hell, Hole was not for the faint of heart. I remember them being lumped in by the press at the time as a Riot Grrrl act, (which spurred my girlfriend to buy it at the time) though they were anything but. They had big time aspirations, and a big-time sound to match.

This was one of their earliest releases, coming out a good 9 months or so before Pretty On The Inside.

A: Dicknail
B: Burnblack

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  1. Now, this is their best single in my opinion.
    Saw them at the Leadmill during this time.
    Great show - not as pretentious as they would become. Again, cheers.
    jb (JAPAN)