Sunday, January 2, 2011

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

Number 50. OK, this is a curveball, I admit. I went through a Johnny Cash phase around the time of his 3-CD box set that came out in 1992. No one has  more American-punk-rock attitude than Johnny Cash. Iggy Pop might be close, I suppose, but I think that's about it. Way ahead of his time.

Anyway, I picked this up in W. MA at the Hadley "Dead Mall" flea market for $1. How could I say no to that? It's beat to hell. The label and sleeve are battered, and the B-side is a total mess and needs some serious software repair. It was some 20 years old at the time I bought it. What do you want for a dollar? Both of these songs are taken from his Live At San Quentin album, and you can hear the rowdy hooting and hollering of the prisoners in the background.

Fun fact, "A Boy Named Sue" was written by children's author Shel Silverstein. Also, Cash's longtime guitarist Luther Perkins died in 1968. 50's Rockabilly legend Carl Perkins (no relation) replaced him and is on this recording. Listen for a very brief appearance by June Carter Cash, singing "San Quentin..." a couple of times in the background during Perkins' guitar solo.

A: A Boy Named Sue
B: San Quentin

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