Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forced Down - Stifle

I'm a sucker for packaging. Anything well-printed on a nice cardstock will draw some interest from me, regardless of what it contains. This is a great example of that. I bought this double 7" EP based entirely on the interesting rubber stamps and the Albrecht Durer-esque engraved angel printed on a nice vellum.

And the guts of this thing had these nicely printed and well-designed duotone green lyric sheets with photos and stuff. I had no clue what the band would sound like, and since they were a San Diego act, no one in the store did either. Pretty sure I got this on Newbury St.

They would have fit in quite well on Dischord. Melodic post-hardcore, a little tougher sounding than Holy Rollers, but not as intense as Fugazi. The songs get slower, mellower, and generally better as you work your way through them. For a random selection, it was OK. Not great, but could have been far worse.

A: Thread, Tap & Die
B: Time Without
C: A Cry For Truth
D: Escape, Exit

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  1. was the last record I owned... was stolen from the trunk of my car while attending college... I am also missing my g-love and special sauce cd.... dam cia...